Boca Raton lactation consultants offering virtual visits breastfeeding support postpartum support

Virtual visits for breastfeeding anD POSTPARTUM SUPPORT

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Get Support.

With the sudden shift in healthcare , virtual support is becoming more common.  Our lactations consultants are here the help! We won't let #socialdistancing stand in the way to give you the support you deserve! Our virtual visits can help the following:

  • Basic newborn care
  • Latching/early postpartum help
  • Nursing positions
  • How to produce more milk
  • Sore nipples or tender breasts
  • Breastfeeding and back to work
  • Breast pump sizing
  • Keeping your supply up with pumping/back to work 
  • Bottle feeding/pace feeding
  • Tummy time using the Tummy Time Method! 


This option allows you to have (1) weekly virtual visit (20 min) and unlimited support through text. Whether you have newborn care questions, feeding questions, or just need someone to talk to, this option is for you. We want your feeding journey to be stress free and successful.  #allmomsneedsupport 

**3 month subscription required. Pay for your first month and secure additional months during first visit.**


Schedule  through our website or give us a call!